Dried Vegetables

Dried vegetables give a pleasant smell and taste to food and desserts such as yogurt and salad.

Dried Vegetables for Soup and Seasoning

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Dried vegetables give a pleasant smell and taste to food and desserts such as yogurt and salad. You can prepare a wonderful soup in the shortest time using the TopMerce mixed vegetables. Store dried vegetables for months without worrying about them spoiling.



Dried Vegetables Suppliers

There are many producers of all kinds of vegetables in the world, but we can honestly say that there are only a few producers of quality dried vegetables. You should know that drying vegetables on a large scale requires special technology and specialized people. How and with what process vegetables are dried has a great impact on the quality of the final product. If this process is not done correctly, it not only spoils the unique flavor of dried vegetables, but can also destroy many of its minerals and nutrients, such as vitamins. TopMerce experts have special sensitivity in monitoring the drying stage of vegetables so that they can guarantee the quality of the product in every aspect.

Dried Vegetables Price

The quality and price of dried vegetables are two parameters that should be considered together. Sometimes dried vegetable producers use low quality and dried vegetables for drying in order to control the price of the final product. Our philosophy at TopMerce has been to provide reasonable prices for products with good quality. We have always chosen the best raw materials. This helps us to implement the approach of low price and high quality in all products.

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Application of Dried Vegetables

You can prepare a wonderful soup or stew in the shortest possible time by using TopMerce dry mixed vegetables. Also, products like dry mint can be used as a topping in yogurt and salad. Enjoy three times the flavor of TopMerce dried vegetables compared to fresh vegetables.

Dried Vegetables Production

The process of industrial production of dried vegetables is such that first fresh vegetables are brought to the factory and then their waste is taken and then the vegetables are washed. The drying stage of vegetables is a very important stage. At this stage, the knowledge of TopMerce production managers becomes apparent. The presence of advanced technology and specialized experts help us to dry vegetables in a unique way. Our experts supervise the process of drying vegetables so that we can provide a quality product to traders and stores.


Frequently asked questions about dried vegetables

In general, it should be said that both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, and in each of them, a group of micronutrients in vegetables may be lost. For example, a significant part of vitamin C is usually lost and only a small part of it remains. In the case of frozen vegetables, when they are taken out of the frozen state for use, oxidation occurs in the vegetable, which destroys some of the minerals in it.
Normally, dried fruits and vegetables have a shelf life of 6 to 12 months. But this issue completely depends on the maintenance method. For the longer life of these products, you should keep them in a closed container in a dry and cool place.
The answer to this question may be a bit far-fetched, but you should know that the smell and taste of dried vegetables are better than fresh ones. It can even be said that in some products, the smell of dried herbs is up to three times that of fresh herbs.

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