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Expert Consultation

Our technical and business consultants will guide you in choosing the type and quantity of the product by being aware of the relevant standards for food products as well as the nobility of international laws and regulations regarding the clearance of goods. Our consultants, with their knowledge of different markets, can give you useful advice to make the best possible decision before investing.

  • Advice on trade and customs
  • Advice on identifying target markets
  • Advice on a variety of standards related to food products
  • Advice on estimating shipping and clearance costs

Shipping Samples

Our company, after agreeing on the type and quality of the product with our esteemed customers, has provided the possibility of sending a sample of goods to ensure that the type and quality of the product conforms to the items mentioned in the agreement. After the product sample is sent to the customer, if the quality is finally confirmed, it will be possible to send more quantities of the same product.



Packaging is always one of the most important factors in food exports. We always try to package the products in accordance with the existing standards, as well as observing the principles of safety and aesthetics.

  • Packing in aseptic bag for bulk tomato paste
  • Packaging in cans or jars for canned tomato paste
  • Sachet packing for tomato sauce
  • Carton packaging for tomatoes

door to door shipment

Once you have selected your desired product, we undertake to send your desired product through the factory door and deliver it to your desired location.

  • Perform customs formalities
  • Preparation of transport documents
  • Cargo insurance according to the type of request
  • Cargo transportation with containers equipped with refrigerators
  • Loading and clearance of goods


Our company tries to facilitate processes such as price inquiry, order registration, export and product clearance by providing the necessary tools for e-commerce. Visitors to our site can register and follow up on their requests by submitting online forms or contacting WhatsApp.


24/7 Support

Due to the fact that our company is an international company, we consider ourselves obliged to answer the questions and requests of our valued customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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