Canned Vegetables

Vegetables are one of the important raw materials in various recipes, but their preparation has always been one of the main concerns of chefs.

Canned Mixed Vegetables, Stews and Soups

Produced with Fresh Vegetables

Vegetables are one of the important raw materials in various recipes, but their preparation has always been one of the main concerns of chefs. TopMerce canned vegetables allows you to always have these products available. We prepare these preserves from fresh and high-quality vegetables.



Canned Vegetables Suppliers

Preparing fresh and high-quality vegetables is the first and most important step of a producer of canned vegetables. Vegetables such as green peas and carrots have a special texture and color that must be preserved, so industrial cooking and blanching are very important. In addition to producing mixed vegetables, TopMerce also produces fried and ready-to-cook vegetables. In this type of canned food, the color of the product is of particular importance, because if the cooking process is not done correctly, it can cause the color of the vegetables to darken and even become black and taste burnt.

Canned Vegetables Price

Canned vegetables are a mixture of several different products, which makes it more difficult to prepare and supply raw materials for the production of this product. In order to control the quality and final price of canned vegetables, it is very important to select and prepare each of these raw materials correctly. The final price of canned vegetables will be a function of raw materials, product quality and type of packaging.

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Application of Canned Vegetables

TopMerce produces canned vegetables in different forms, each of which has special uses. For example, canned mixed vegetables and canned corn can be used directly in the preparation of various salads, but canned fried vegetables and stew are part of the recipe of different foods that are added to its ingredients at the necessary stage.

Canned Vegetables Production

First, quality vegetables are directed to the production line. Maintaining the properties and quality of raw materials in the product is one of the most important goals of TopMerce. In this regard, we freeze fresh vegetables in the nearest place of their preparation and provide them to the production line. In the production of these vegetables, depending on the type of product, the processes of mixing and industrial cooking or blanching are carried out on the vegetables and finally they are supplied in suitable packages.


Frequently asked questions about canned vegetables

The color, flavor and taste of canned fried or cooked vegetables are ruined by re-frying. But mixed vegetables can be lightly fried.
Canned vegetables contain more vitamins and minerals than fresh vegetables. Canned fruits and vegetables have a longer shelf life and are also ready to eat.
Yes, canned vegetables, like other canned products, should be boiled before consumption. Although some people mistakenly believe that since vegetables such as tuna do not contain protein, there is no need to boil canned vegetables. But it must be said that canned vegetables must be boiled first and then used hot or cold.

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