Saffron is an agricultural product and is considered one of the rarest plants in the world

The red gold of Iran

100% pure

Saffron is an agricultural product and is considered one of the rarest plants in the world, and it is used as a seasoning and spice in cooking because of its special aroma and color, and it also has medicinal properties due to the presence of two substances, crocin and safranal. It is necessary to mention that saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world and it is also known as red gold. 



Saffron suppliers

From the past to the present day, Iran has been the largest first-class saffron production center in the world. This product is cultivated in several cities of Iran, but Top Mers produces its saffron from the best type of super precious saffron in the universe and provides it to customers in special and varied packages. It delivers itself anywhere in the world.

Saffron price

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world, which is also known as red gold, and the final price of the product is determined depending on the weight and packaging you want.

Professional in Making the Body Healthy

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Uses of saffron

In addition to its wonderful color and aroma, this spice also has unique medicinal properties, the most important of which can be mentioned as anti-depressant, treating sleep disorders, controlling diabetes and even helping to regulate menstruation in women. Add flavor and color to your food.

Saffron cultivation method

This plant is cultivated in cold and dry areas, and when its beautiful purple flowers appear, it is time to harvest, and after the flowers are harvested, the saffron branches are separated by hand and graded, then dried in special conditions. And they pack in completely hygienic conditions.


Frequently asked questions about saffron

Pour some saffron into cold water, give them some time, then take out the original saffron stigmas from the water, the original color of the stigmas has not changed much. But in fake saffron, after removing them from the water, you will see that the color added to the saffron stigmas has completely disappeared, it does not look like before and has turned white. In addition, original saffron has a slower coloring speed, so if saffron returns color quickly, it is likely that chemical dyes were used in it
Types of saffron are classified from the highest quality to the lowest quality as follows: Super precious saffron
If you want to get the best color from saffron as soon as possible, you must first grind saffron and add boiling water to it, then immediately throw a piece of ice into it. This will shock the saffron and produce more color.

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