Persian Nougat

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Persian Nougat

Pistachio, Almonds and Mixed Gaz

Persian Nougat Gaz TopMerce‌ is produced from premium Iranian pistachios and almonds. This product is a delicious sweet that is known as a souvenir of Iran. We supply Iranian Gaz to you all over the world.



Persian Nougat Gaz Suppliers

Gaz is known as a traditional souvenir of Iran, which is mainly produced in the city of Isfahan. We at TopMerce supply these delicious souvenirs with premium quality and reasonable price for you as a customer or wholesaler all over the world.

Persian Nougat Price

TopMerce offers different types of nougat Gaz with different percentages of pistachios and almonds, as well as in different types of packaging. As a wholesaler, you can control the final price of your desired product by determining the type, quality, and type of packaging.

Professional in Making the Body Healthy

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Application of Persian Nougat Gaz

Gaz is a popular sweet in Iran that can be eaten with tea as a suitable substitute for sugar. Due to its natural sweetness, this product increases blood sugar quickly and plays an effective role in general strengthening and increasing body energy. Gaz also increases blood hemoglobin and cures anemia. This product also has a significant effect on improving brain function and strengthening memory.


Persian Nougat Production

To produce traditional Gaz of Isfahan, first, sugar is poured into a large pot with water and rose water and placed on medium heat until the sugar dissolves completely in the water. Next, glucose is added to the pot until the syrup becomes thick. After that, the beaten egg white is mixed with the obtained nectar to harden the ingredients. When the Gaz mixture reaches a certain concentration, pistachio or almond nuts are also added to it. Finally, Gaz is cut and placed in stylish boxes for packing.



Frequently asked questions about Gaz

Gaz should be stored in a dry and cool place. And if you want to store Gaz for a long time, put each package in a nylon bag before opening the cover on the box and wrap it in such a way that the ambient air does not enter it and put it in the freezer. In this way, you can store Gaz for more than a year and take it out of the freezer some time before serving.
Although this product is made from plant sweeteners such as tangerine and honey, and it is less harmful for people with diabetes compared to sugar, but its high consumption will still be harmful for people with diabetes.
All children are interested in consuming sweets and chocolates, and traditional Gaz is a suitable choice for them because it has pistachios, almonds and natural sweeteners.

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