Isotonic Drinks

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Isotonic Drinks

Isotonic sports drink

Isotonic drinks improve the performance of athletes like a magic potion. You must have noticed the colored drinks that athletes drink in sports competitions, the water lost from the body during exercise must be replaced quickly, and since the absorption of water in isotonic drinks is up to 10 times faster than normal water, it is possible to He said that these drinks are the most suitable option for military personnel. These drinks do not contain sugar, caffeine, gas and extra calories.



Professional in Making the Body Healthy

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Application Sohan

Sohan is a popular sweet in Iran that is usually served with tea. Due to the presence of wheat germ, saffron and animal oil, Sohan is considered a source of energy and vitamin B, which helps to provide the energy you need, especially in cold seasons.


Sohan Production

To produce Sohan, after preparing the raw materials, flour is poured into large pots and mixed with sugar and animal oil, then wheat germ is cooked and saffron is added to the ingredients inside the pot. After resting, the raw materials are cooked again at a higher temperature and transferred to a tray. At this stage, cardamom powder, pistachios and almonds are added to it and packed after pounding.



Frequently asked questions about Sohan

Isotonic sports drinks have the same composition and concentration as human blood and can be absorbed by the body very quickly. These drinks replace the water, carbohydrates and electrolytes lost by the body during exercise very quickly and have a very important effect in endurance sports over 90 minutes.
Isotonic sports drinks are quick replacements for water and minerals lost during exercise, so the best time to use them is after exercise and during heavy exercise.
Carbohydrates and minerals in sports drinks are intended to restore the body’s lost substances to athletes, and excessive consumption can be harmful to athletes. If you are not exercising, drinking too much of these drinks can be dangerous for your heart health.

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