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TopMerce pickled garlic is produced from the best type of freshly peeled white garlic

White Garlic pickles

Pickled Garlic Cloves

TopMerce pickled garlic is produced from the best type of freshly peeled white garlic, which is added with vinegar, water and salt. This product has all the health benefits of garlic, plus it has a longer shelf life than fresh garlic.



Garlic Pickles Suppliers

Thanks to access to fresh garlic gardens and having fully automatic production and packaging lines, TopMerce produces pickled garlic products in glass jars and also in bulk and exports them all over the world.

Garlic Pickles Price

TopMerce produces pickled garlic products in different weights and with various formulations, as well as in various types of packaging and bulk. As a customer, you can control the final price of your desired product by specifying factors such as weight, quality, and type of packaging.

Professional in Making the Body Healthy

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Application of Garlic Pickles

Pickled garlic has a great smell and taste and is also a source of iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins B1, B2, B3 and vitamin C. This product can be used as a seasoning on the side of food or in a recipe for producing various sauces.

Garlic Pickles Production

The process of industrial production of pickled garlic is as follows: First, quality garlics are transferred to the production line, and after the sorting process, their skin is separated by a peeling machine. Then the process of filling the garlic in sterile jars is done and salt, vinegar and water are also added. Finally, the capping is done and the jars containing pickles are pasteurized to increase the shelf life.


Frequently asked questions about Sohan

Pickled garlic is an excellent alternative for fresh garlic because it has all the properties of fresh garlic, but has a milder taste and less smell.
Garlic has antibacterial and antioxidant properties that can strengthen the human immune system. Regular consumption of a small number of pickled garlic can protect your body against colds and flu.
As long as the pickle is not changed in appearance and there are no traces of mold on it and it smells natural, there is no problem and it can be used, but if you see mold in any part of the pickle, the whole product should be thrown away.

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