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Fried onion is one of the vegetables used in many dishes.

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Crispy Fried Onions

Fried onion is one of the vegetables used in many dishes. TopMerce fried onions is produced from first grade white onion, which is fried and cooked with the least amount of oil. We offer dry and crispy fried onions in different packages to you, so that you can enjoy your cooking.



Fried Onions Suppliers

Fried onion is a product that is used almost all over the world to cook food. Thanks to access to fresh onions in Iran and also fully automatic production and packaging lines, TopMerce supplies fried onions with the best quality and price anywhere in the world.

Fried Onions Price

Fried onions are produced in different quality grades and different packages, and these factors will determine the final price of this product. Therefore, you can control the final price of the product by determining the quality, onion form and product packaging.

Professional in Making the Body Healthy

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Application of Fried Onions

Fried onion is always one of the main ingredients in the recipes of most dishes and soups, which are widely used in both local dishes and fast food. This product has significant sodium and potassium and carbohydrates and has approximately 258 kcal of energy per 100 grams.

Fried Onions Production

The process of industrial production of fried onions is that first the fresh onions are transferred to the peeling machine and this machine, which is an abrasive type and works with centrifugal force, separates the onion skin. Then the onions are poured on the conveyor belt and are checked by the operator, and finally they are transferred to the onion slicer machine and sliced, and the onions are washed with water at the same time. Then the sliced onions are wrapped in a cloth and placed inside the primary dewatering machine. This machine collects the water on the onion body and finally the dried onions are transferred to the oven. Next, the onions are poured into a tub with hot oil and fried, and finally, they are oiled and packed.


Frequently asked questions about fried onions

You should put the product in the refrigerator or freezer immediately after taking it out of the package. Fried onions can be stored in the refrigerator for a maximum of one week and in the freezer for 6 months after being removed from the package.
Red onions have purple or red skin and white and purple inner layers. This onion has a strong taste and is the best type of onion for frying, and the sweet taste of this onion contains 10% vitamin C and antioxidant compounds, and it is also considered an attractive option for making pickles.
 Bitterness of onions can be caused by the use of low-quality oil for frying or by over-frying and turning onions black. Using this onion in food not only changes the flavor of the food but also increases its carcinogenic power due to its oxidant compounds.

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