Freeze-dried fruits

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Freeze-dried fruits

Healthy and nutritious

TopMerce Sohan is a traditional Iranian sweet that is produced in the cities of Qom and Isfahan. Due to the fact that wheat germ, saffron and pistachio nuts are used in the recipe for Sohan production, it is full of energy and health benefits. At TopMerce, we supply premium Sohan to you all over the world.



Suppliers of freeze-dried fruits

Although these frozen products have lost all their moisture and only 2% of their moisture remains, 99.9% of the vitamins and minerals of the fruits are preserved, and no sugar, flavoring or additives are added to these fruits. The interesting thing about this type of dried fruit is that even after years it can be put in water and turned into fresh fruit, so feel free to eat these delicious snacks.

The price of freeze-dried fruits

This product is made from the highest quality fruits and almost every 10 kilos of fresh fruit produces only 1 kilo of freeze-dried product, which causes the price of this product to be high, and the final price of this product depends on the type of fruit and the desired packaging. You will be determined.

Professional in Making the Body Healthy

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Uses of freeze-dried fruits

Due to the fact that this product has almost all the properties of a fresh fruit and is very light in weight, it is a great source of energy for athletes and mountain climbers, it is also a useful snack for your children, while this product can be used to prepare and decorate all kinds of dishes. used cakes, pies, sweets, etc.

Production stages of freeze dryer fruits

To produce this product, the desired fruit is first washed and then sliced. In the next step, it is arranged in the trays of the drying machine, and after drying, the fruit is removed from the machine and packed.


Frequently asked questions about Sohan

Freeze dryer is the act of removing water from fruit by evaporating the juice molecules of the fruit you are drying. In this method, the weight and moisture content of the fruit is reduced, but the appearance and properties of the fruit are completely preserved.
Freeze-dried fruits lose only the water in their tissue during drying, and the rest of the fruit’s properties and vitamins are retained.
This product can easily last for 25 to 30 years and even after years it can be fresh like a fruit by being exposed to water.

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