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TopMerce dried fruits are produced with modern technology and from the best quality fruits.

Premium Dried Fruit

Apple, Banana, Plum, Coconut, Kiwi and...

TopMerce dried fruits are produced with modern technology and from the best quality fruits. This product is an excellent and nutrient-rich snack that retains all its properties due to advanced drying methods and has a much longer shelf life than fresh fruit.



Dried Fruit Suppliers

With access to fruit orchards and the benefit of fully automatic production lines, TopMerce produces the best type of dried fruit with all kinds of packaging and supplies it all over the world.

Dried Fruit Price

Dried fruit is prepared in different types, different quality levels and also in different packaging and therefore has a wide price range. In this way, you can determine the final price of dried fruit by determining the type of fruit, quality grade and product packaging.

Professional in Making the Body Healthy

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Application of Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is one of the healthy snacks that has gained a lot of demand in recent years and has replaced snacks such as chips and chocolate. For those who don’t like fruits and eating a whole banana or an orange is considered a challenge for them, dried fruit is a suitable alternative that can have all the properties of a fresh fruit. These fruits provide the sugar needed by the body and are also rich in minerals including fiber or various vitamins including B and K. The interesting point is that dry fruits have lower calories despite having higher sugar.

Dried Fruit Production

The process of industrial production of dried fruit is not so complicated. First, the high-quality fruits are directed to the production line, and through a series of preparation processes, they are sorted and then washed, and then they are cut into different sizes depending on the type of fruit. Finally, the fruits enter the drying process and are packed in desired forms.


Frequently asked questions about Sohan

To increase the shelf life of the Sohan, it should be kept in a metal can and away from direct sunlight and moisture.
Considering that every 100 grams of Sohan contains about 550 calories, it is recommended that people with high blood sugar and diabetes or people who avoid obesity should not consume this product excessively.‌
Since the Sohan is made from many raw materials, if any of these materials is not of high quality, it affects the quality of the final product. For example, using turmeric instead of saffron or oil instead of animal butter, etc. can lead to the production of a poor-quality product. The easiest way to determine the quality of the Sohan is the degree of its crispness and non-sticking to the teeth.

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