Doogh Drink (Airan)

TopMerce Yogurt drink knows as Persian Doogh Drink is a completely natural drink that is made from a combination of water and yogurt with fragrant herbs.

Carbonated and Non-Carbonated Yogurt

100% Organic

TopMerce Yogurt drink knows as Persian Doogh Drink is a completely natural drink that is made from a combination of water and yogurt with fragrant herbs. Yogurt drink (Doogh) is one of the popular drinks in the Middle East, which originates from Iran and Turkey. Today, this drink is known by different names such as Ayran or yogurt drink all over the world.



Yogurt Drinks Suppliers

Yogurt Drink is a popular dairy drink that can be consumed with food as a good alternative to carbonated soft drinks.  Thanks to the fully automatic production lines, TopMerce supplies Yogurt Drink with the best quality for you as a trader all over the world.

Yogurt Drinks Price

Yogurt Drink is prepared from a relatively constant quality and composition, and its price difference is mostly based on the concentration, type of packaging, and weight of the product. As a merchant, you can control the final shipment price by customizing your purchase order.

Professional in Making the Body Healthy

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Application of Yogurt Drinks

Doogh drink is a dairy drink that has all the health benefits of dairy products such as calcium, vitamins B and D. Also, in addition to nutritional benefits, this product has other benefits such as being relaxing and improving sleep quality. Yogurt drink also contains beneficial bacteria that have many effects on the health of the digestive system.

Doogh Drinks Production

The industrial production of Yogurt drink is such that first the milk is directed to the production line and the pasteurizer, and after pasteurization, it enters processing tanks and is heated. Then starter or yogurt is added to it and it stays for about 12 hours until it reaches the desired Ph, then salt is added to it with a specific proportion of mixed water and it is directed to the pasteurizer system and finally packaged. If it is desired to produce carbonated buttermilk, CO2 gas is also injected into it after processing.


Frequently asked questions about Yogurt drink

Both are dairy and milk-based drinks, with the difference that kefir is obtained from the fermentation of the fungus of the same name with milk but Yogurt drink is prepared from a combination of water and condensed milk (yogurt). Also, Kefir is sourer and gassier than Yogurt drink.
Yogurt drink has a cold nature and its consumption is not recommended in cold seasons. In addition, Yogurt drink has a relatively large amount of salt, which is not recommended for people with high blood pressure and kidney patients.
Due to the presence of certain peptides in casein and serotonin, Yogurt drink plays an effective role in relieving depression and regulating sleep at night.

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