Dates are a complete source of energy and fiber and rich in nutrients and minerals.

Fresh Dates and Date Chips

Whole and Pitted

Dates are a complete source of energy and fiber and rich in nutrients and minerals. This product is one of the most popular products in regions such as the Middle East and cold countries. TopMerce supplies this product in fresh, pitted forms and date chips in a great variety of packages.



Date Products Suppliers

Dates are the fruit of a tree that is mainly cultivated in the Northern Hemisphere. The major producing countries of this product are Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Along with these countries, the United States of America is also one of the powerful producers of dates. About 3000 different varieties of dates are known in the world, and it is interesting to know that 400 of them belong to Iran. At TopMerce, we have chosen 8 popular and high-quality breeds of this product and we have no problem in supplying them at any time of the year.

Date Products Price

Since dates are a very diverse product, its different breeds have different quality, color and taste, so date products also have different prices. Knowing date varieties is a must in order to consider the right product for each target market. TopMerce experts are well aware of this issue and can offer the best option at the most appropriate final price worldwide.

Professional in Making the Body Healthy

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Application of Date Products

Dates alone can be a complete snack or used with milk and tea. This product can be found in the recipes of some breads, ice creams and traditional foods, as well as mixed nuts. Among the properties of dates, it can be mentioned that they have high amounts of vitamins B6, A and K. Dates also contain elements needed by the human body such as sodium, potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, etc. This product is highly recommended for pregnant women.

Date Product Production

In order to preserve the nutritional value of dates, this product is moved to a cold store near the harvesting site and kept in a cold and dry environment. At the time of packaging, it slowly returns to the ambient temperature and in this way, we will have a fresh and delicious product in all seasons of the year.



Frequently asked questions about date products

Consuming dates at the beginning of the day and with breakfast can make you fresher and more energetic. Also, eating this fruit in the morning can eliminate intestinal worms and cleanse the heart and liver.
Heat makes dates sour. If you keep dates in the refrigerator at a temperature between 3 and 5 degrees, this fruit will stay fresh for up to 6 months. If you bring the temperature to zero, it may keep its freshness for 1 year. But if it is going to be stored longer, it should be frozen.
People with diabetes should avoid eating fruits with high GI, such as watermelon, banana and mango. But dates have a low GI, which means that eating 2 to 3 of this fruit does not raise blood sugar levels and is suitable for people with diabetes.

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