Tomato Paste

TopMerce supplies tomato paste with Brix 25-27% in various packages including cans and jars

Dounble Concentradet Tomato Paste

Hot Break or Cold Break

TopMerce supplies tomato paste with Brix 25-27% in various packages including cans and jars. This product is produced without the use of additives and is packaged and sterilized with the international standard process. Therefore, it has a long shelf life and good quality


Product Name Canned Tomato Paste
HS Code 20029010
Ingredient Fresh Tomatoes
Concentration (Brix) 26-28%
Break Type Hot Break, Cold Break
Shelf Life 24 months
Taste Natural


Packaging Tin Can, Glass Jar, Sachet
Weight 70,100, 400, 800gr, etc
Label Label
Delivery Time Whiting 30Days
Transfer Type Road, Sea, Tail
Incoterms EXW, FOB, etc
Payment Terms According to the contract

Canned Tomato Paste Suppliers

TopMerce has production lines of a wide range of food products, including the tomato paste production and packaging line.  This production line produces tomato paste with the desired Brix concentration, and packs it in cans or jars.  In these production lines, sterile processes are used, so the product will have a long shelf life.

Professional in Making the Body Healthy

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Application of canned tomato paste

Tomato paste is used as a seasoning in cooking to give it the natural taste and color of fresh tomatoes. This seasoning is used in the recipe of dishes such as pasta, various soups and local dishes.


Canned Tomato Paste Production

Tomato paste is produced from the process of concentrating tomato juice during a hot filling process filled into a can or glass, and finally the can is seamed according to the double seam standard.  
Filled cans or jars pass a specific time in the pasteurization tunnel so that the product can have a good shelf life.


Frequently asked questions about canned tomato paste

Tomato paste is usually offered in both glass and can packages. In the jar packaging, you can close the lid again after opening and use and keep it in a cool place. The main problem for consumers is usually the metal can package. To solve this problem, TopMerce uses plastic caps that the consumer can use to preserve the product after opening the lid of the can
This product is a popular seasoning, a rich source of plant and strong antioxidants such as lycopene, which can prevent all types of cancer. The main reason for the popularity of tomato paste as a seasoning is that a small amount of it can give a very good taste and color to food.
Tomato paste may become sour and fizzy after a while. After that, the product starts to mold and becomes unusable. A healthy tomato paste will spread if it is poured into hot oil, but a spoiled paste will become lumpy and black in color.

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