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Cake & Cookies

Variety and quality

Snacks and foods such as cakes and cookies have a special place in the food industry and it can be said that the shelf of any store and supermarket is incomplete without them. Top Mers has the best cake and cookie manufacturers in its circle of relationships that can cover all the needs of your target market.


Product Name Sohan
HS Code 21069099
Ingredient Pistachios, almonds and saffron
Form Loghmeh, Cube, Flat
Type Pistachios, almonds
Taste Sweet
Shelf Life 12-18 months


Packing Luxury, economic and bulk
Weight 250g, 4500gr and 5Kg
Label Custom
Delivery Time Within 50Days
Transfer Type Land, Sea, Air, Rail
Incoterms FOB, EXW, etc.
Payment Term According to the Contract

Professional in Making the Body Healthy

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Application Sohan

Sohan is a popular sweet in Iran that is usually served with tea. Due to the presence of wheat germ, saffron and animal oil, Sohan is considered a source of energy and vitamin B, which helps to provide the energy you need, especially in cold seasons.


Sohan Production

To produce Sohan, after preparing the raw materials, flour is poured into large pots and mixed with sugar and animal oil, then wheat germ is cooked and saffron is added to the ingredients inside the pot. After resting, the raw materials are cooked again at a higher temperature and transferred to a tray. At this stage, cardamom powder, pistachios and almonds are added to it and packed after pounding.



Frequently asked questions about Sohan

Depending on the type of packaging and ingredients, cakes may have different shelf life. This period is set between 9 and 12 months. Of course, it should be said that most cakes have a shelf life of 12 months.
Cakes and cookies are stored in the same conditions as other industrial foods, and there is no need for special temperature control for transportation.
After removing the cake and cookies from their packaging, it is necessary to store these products in a closed container away from moisture and air so that they do not lose their freshness and original taste.

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